Edexcel GCE Applied Business

Applied ICT

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What kind of student is this course suitable for?

You will enjoy this course if you would like to:

- Develop an understanding of how business works in the real world
- Discover the problems and opportunities faced by local, national and international businesses
- Have an opportunity to organise an enterprise activity
- Learn about how business functions such as marketing, finance, human and physical resources work together as part of a whole business
- Take part in practical activities such as planning and running a business, organising an event or planning and setting up a website

The AS units focus on investigation. You will learn about:

- Investigating People at Work - Unit 1
- Investigating Business - Unit 2
- Investigating Marketing - Unit 3
- Investigating Electronic Business - Unit 4
- Investigating Customer Service - Unit 5
- Investigating Promotion - Unit 6
- Investigating Enterprise - Unit 7

The A2 units focus on decision making and the impact ofdecisions on business.

You will learn about:

- Business Development - Unit 8
- Managing and Developing People - Unit 9
- Marketing Decisions - Unit 10
- Impact of Finance on Business Decisions - Unit 11
- International Dimensions of Business - Unit 12
- Organising an Event - Unit 13
- Influences on Business - Unit 14

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