Edexcel GCE Applied Media : Communication and Production

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The Edexcel GCE in Media: Communication and Production aims to provide students with:

• Understanding, skills and knowledge concerning the media sector chosen by the school or college
• An understanding of professional practice
• An understanding of the way the media industry is structured and how it works
• A showreel or portfolio of work. Although the course contains a theoretical element, the main focus is on practical activity. This emphasis on practical and vocational tasks engages and motivates students.

Students will learn how media industries are structured and about the audiences for media products. They will also create a media product in both the AS and the A2 tiers.

All units are compulsory, with the school or college deciding which medium (or mediums) it wishes to offer in the skills, development and production units.

Course structure

The qualification has an AS/A2 structure. It can take theform of:
• a Single Award AS GCE (3 units)
• a Single Award Advanced GCE (6 units)

AS Units

Unit 1
Industries, Texts and Audiences (internally assessed)
Unit 2
Skills for Media Production (internally assessed)
Unit 3
Media Production Brief (externally assessed)

A2 Units

Unit 4
Research and Development for Media Production
(internally assessed)
Unit 5
Media Production Project (internally assessed)
Unit 6
Professional Practice in the Media Industries (externally assessed)

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