Edexcel O Level Bengali


This syllabus provides a framework for the development of effective language learning and authentic use of the target language in defined, contemporary contexts. It offers positive and appropriate assessment for learners of modem languages. It combines an emphasis on written communication and transmission skills with reward for practical application of the target language structures and grammar.

A list of defined topics has been produced to provide a clear focus for study. These topics relate to the target language country. It should also be noted that not all of the listed topics will feature in every examination paper. The topics will be rotated over the years.

The aim of the GCE 0 Level syllabus in the suite of languages is to provide a framework for the development of written and transmission skills combined with the practical application of grammar of the target language. Transmission skills are defined as transfer of meaning and translation skills.

The syllabus is designed to enable students to:
• develop an understanding of the written forms of the language within defined contexts
• develop the ability to communicate effectively in the target language, through the written word, using a range of vocabulary and structures
• develop knowledge and understanding of the grammar of the language and its practical application
• develop transmission skills from English into the target language and from the target language into English
• develop continuous writing skills in the target language
• develop positive attitudes to language learning
• provide a suitable foundation for further study of the language.

Defined topics:
New for this examination is the concept of providing a list of defined topic areas for all languages to enable candidates and teachers to focus on appropriate vocabulary.

• Life in the town and rural life
• Weather and climate
• Travel, transport and directions
• Holidays and tourist information
• Services (eg telephone, bank, post office)
• Customs and religion
• Everyday life and traditions in target language countries and communities
• Childhood, school life and routine
• Different types of jobs
• Future plans
• Types of home
• Information about self, family and friends
• Helping around the house
• Food and drink
• Current affairs and social issues
• Environmental issues
• The media (TV, film, radio, newspapers)
• IT and Communications (eg use of Internet, mobile phones)
• Special occasions
• Hobbies, interests, sports and exercise
• Shopping and money matters
• Accidents, injuries, common ailments and health issues

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