Edexcel O Level Biology

Topics Covered

1. Nature and variety of living organisms
Characteristics of living organisms:
Variety of living organisms.

2. Structures and functions in living organisms
Levels of organization:
Cell structure:
Biological molecules:
Movement of substances into and out of cells:
Nutrition in Flowering plants:
Nutrition in Humans:
Gas exchange in Flowering plants:
Gas exchange in Human:
Transport in Flowering plants:
Transport in Human:
Excretion in Flowering plants:
Excretion in Humans:
Co-ordination and response:
Co-ordination In Flowering plants:
Co-ordination In Humans:

3. Reproduction and inheritance
Reproduction in Flowering plants:
Reproduction in Humans:

4. Ecology and the environment
The organism in the environment:
Feeding relationships:
Cycles within ecosystems:
Human influences on the environment:
5. Use of biological resources
Food production: Crop plants
Fish farming:
Selective breeding
Genetic modification (genetic engineering):
6. Human health
Pathogenic diseases
Disorders and conditions of the human body

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