Edexcel O Level English Language



London Examinations GCE 0 level English Language is a widely respected qualification satisfying the entry requirement in English for businesses and higher education institutions in the UK and worldwide. The syllabus maintains the requirement for a wide vocabulary and accuracy in the use of grammar, punctuation and spelling, while encouraging the student to acquire a range of skills through the study of lively and relevant source material.

Candidates should be able to:

Section A
Section B
Section C
Read with understanding texts of various kinds in standard English  
Select, order and present in writing, information, ideas and opinions from the texts provided    
Use and adapt forms and types of writing for specific purposes, effects and audiences  
Write using the standard forms of English with accurate spelling and punctuation  
Adopt appropriate styles, exercising care for clarity and quality of expression  

Section A
There will be up to ten questions in this section. The questions are designed to assess the candidates' understanding and response in their reading of stimulus material. The questions focus on aspects of content and meaning, as well as features of English usage in the material, and the candidates are asked to show their understanding of significant meaning and detail. Questions may ask them to select information from the stimulus material and present this in short paragraphs or in sets of statements. Marks are given in this section primarily for the content and the understanding shown. However, clarity and careful expression are expected in the answers.

Section B
This section is designed to assess the candidates' ability to write according to specific guidelines in response to given material. They are asked to select relevant information from the stimulus material and to present it for other readers and for other purposes. Candidates may be asked to inform or instruct, to advise or persuade or to express attitudes and they will be asked to use a recognized form of writing, such as a letter, a report or a newspaper article. The length required will depend on the nature of the task set and will be indicated in the
question paper. The answers in this section will be assessed for relevant information, for appropriateness of style and approach and for quality and accuracy of expression.

Section C
A choice of questions will be offered in this section. One piece of writing will be asked for; this may be narrative, descriptive, personal, argumentative or discursive. There will be opportunities for candidates to take up themes and topics from the stimulus material, and to respond to them more imaginatively and personally. Candidates are expected to write between 350-400 words.

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